About Us

What are we all about?


From the creative mind of young Christopher, we launched Building an Empire. We are a true family operated business. The designs have come from each member of our family and we love working to provide quality products. We aim to motivate others to build their empires!

This brand represents Men, Women, Children, Moms, & Dads who are working to succeed as entrepreneurs and bosses a like. At Building an Empire, we are here to bring out the CEO in you! Our line consists of motivating and unique items that you can wear while leading the charge. 

We are a true one stop shop where you can create a full look, plus top it off with some amazing accessories. We believe that when you look good on the outside, you are vitalized on the inside. That makes you ready to get out everyday and make your mark. Build your empire. 

Shop our looks and tag us on Instagram @buildinganempire_ for a chance to be featured! #shopempiregear #gbemindset